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A look into my Bridal Trials...

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share some of what make bridal trials one of my favourite makeup services. For me, there are always at least 3 directions in which I could take the makeup and many possibilities! My head is always full of some many ideas, but ultimately the makeup look is determined by the dress, the overall style of the wedding and more importantly the client's facial features and preferences. It's such a creative process, and what makes it even more special is that none of my brides ever ook the same.

I love this picture of Millicent's trial makeup. We did two different eye makeup looks for her. On the left, a neutral, warm smokey eye and on the right, a monotone, lilac smokey contrasted by false lashes. Millicent loves makeup and fashion, so I knew I could introduce some colour and be creative with it. Her wedding dress was a really beautiful rose/tea tone made almost entirely out of tulle and the colour was wonderful against her olive skin tone. This was my first queue to add sparkle elements and shine to offset the matte fabric. After the ceremony Millicent was going to wear a fabulous flower alice band made custom for her wedding as her main accessory. I got a lot of my colour inspiration from there.

Millicent choose to go for the lilac smokey eye, and it could not have been any more perfect. She is the perfect example of a modern, romantic bride. Go to my bridal tab to see what she looked like on her special day!

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