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Why is planning your bridal makeup so important?

Everything about planning your dream wedding is exciting! Although being one of the happiest times of your life, it's only natural to also have some anxious feelings about how your wedding day might turn out. As grown-ups we know there is much more to planning that fairy tale scene than meets the eye! And even with next to perfect planning, some things one just can't control. Even if you made sure that you booked the best venue and the most scrumptious eats, and the perfect wedding dress has been made and delivered, a small still voice is probably whispering: "what could go wrong?"

One aspect that unfortunately often does go wrong is the bride's makeup. Sometimes brides-to-be just don't put enough thought into planning and preparing their makeup until it becomes a last minute thing. By then there is no time to book a good makeup artist, or experiment with different "looks" and styles. Brides very often end up doing their own makeup, or they ask a friend or bridesmaid to take care of it. Problem is - it shows...especially on the wedding photos. Once done, that moment can never be recaptured.

So why is investing time and effort in your makeup so important? Have you thought about the fact that the wedding dress is just an extension of the bride's face? You have put so much effort into planning your perfect dress, and you want to feel 100% fabulous and confident! As women we know what a let-down it can be if our make-up is not what we you've hoped for, or applied in a rush. Your wedding make-up is just as important as your dress!

That leads me to the next important topic. I highly recommend a trial makeup session where you have time to experiment with different styles and ideas. Deciding beforehand exactly which makeup "look" will complement your gorgeous dress or wedding theme and style will be a huge boost to your confidence, and ensure that you look stunning on your big day! Your wedding day is really no time for makeup experiments, surprises or disappointments. All the more reason to plan for your Bridal Makeup with the same kind of attention as with your wedding dress.

The trial is essentially a practice run...

During a bridal trial session I can really get a feel for your personality, individual style and bridal dreams - to see your wedding day as you envision it. This helps me to create a special makeup look just for you! A trial also gives me the opportunity to familiarise myself with your facial features, to find the best way to apply your makeup to complement your unique beauty. The trial is a relaxed experience, without the pressure of the actual wedding day. This makes for a lot of fun and creativity!

The trial is essentially a practise run, as it gives you enough time to make changes before the actual wedding day. I will also share beauty tips on how to care for your skin in the weeks leading up to the wedding, so that the makeup will work it's best magic. Having been around many brides, I have good tips to share from my experiences.

We know that the actual day can become quite chaotic if not coordinated well! An important outcome of the trial session is to discuss and plan how things wil run the morning of your wedding day. I will help you plan the logistics and co-ordinate time-slots of everyone involved - like the hairdresser and photographer. This will give you the confidence that everything will run smoothly on your special day. Remember that a relaxed bride is a radiant bride!

See your bridal trial makeup session as one of the highlight experiences of getting married that makes for good memories later. You get to be pampered, whilst taking care of your most important asset - your face! Some brides also bring their bridesmaids with, it really all depends on your personal preference.

Come back soon for more on bridal makeup!

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